Parenting tips from Marissa Anastasi

Parenting stories by Marissa Anastasi: Strategy! Always have a strategy. Keep it simple, achievable and be prepared to do anything like rebranding an experience. For example, shopping is now a treasure hunt or at dinner, if they don’t eat it at first, rearrange their food on the plate and it is instantly rebranded and magically eaten! Strategy is key in our household. Follow your intuition. The most valuable thing you can give your children is your love and time. Show them love and respect and they will grow to do the same for others.

See Your Body as Your New Superpower. “There is so much pressure to ‘bounce back’ post-baby,” new first-time mom and co-founder of Tone It Up, Katrina Scott tells MyDomaine. “Our bodies are not the same as they were pre-baby—and they shouldn’t be. They are stronger,” she explains. “I want every mom to know that you are a superwoman. You created a miracle and your body is remarkable. Let’s all treat ourselves with more love, patience, and compassion.” Our bodies are not the same as they were pre-baby—and they shouldn’t be. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. “If your child falls over for the first time it’s probably likely you do not need to visit the emergency room,” says Jen Auerbach, mother and co-founder of Clary Collection. Try Disconnecting Nursing from Sleeping “This will help immensely in getting a baby to sleep without milk,” explains Dr. Hilary Fritsch, a mom, family dentist, and co-founder of Brushies. “My favorite routine is bath, cuddle, milk, book, brush, jammies, sleep sack, song, bed,” she notes.

Talk to them as if they are intelligent individuals. Talk to your children as if they are intelligent individuals. Don’t talk down to them. Ask their opinion on things. “Should we take Fido on our vacation with us or do you think he would be happier staying with grandma?” Make major purchases such as cars, homes and major appliances family decisions instead of just adult decisions. Encourage your children to offer input regarding family situations and ASK their opinion. When they give it to you, even if it sounds juvenile to you, don’t discount it, seriously consider it, ask questions and find the value in it. It is their opinion and input, there is always value in it. Find additional info at Parenting blog.

Watching your children develop and grow. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it’s certainly the most rewarding. The love you have for your children is the most intense love you’ll ever feel. I never quite realized how fulfilling becoming a Mom would be. I always knew I wanted children but I didn’t realize how much it would change my life, I don’t even remember what life was like before my daughter. She makes me smile every day watching her grow and learn. I love that I have created this little person who has such a beautiful nature and I hope that I can help her to be an even more beautiful woman.

Since Kenny was born, I had been a stay at home mummy until Isabella was 4 which is when I started teaching younger kids. I done that for 2 years but after my 3rd pregnancy, I never went back and decided to become a stay at home mummy once again. Now my youngest is 5 and 6, I decided I could maybe begin something new again. And so, in Late November 2018, I opened the doors to a kid’s concept store in Larnaca town centre. It’s difficult combining family and work, and sometimes the guilt is immense, but I have a lot of support from my husband when it comes to the children. See a few extra details on