Top 3 professional wrestling all-time stars

Professional wrestling latest news and shows reviews? The vintage star of WWE, Rik Flair aka The “Nature Boy”, was one of the 80s most gifted wrestlers. He held the NWA/ WCW World Heavyweight Championship more than any other wrestler. Unfortunately, the lack of attention in NWA/WCW compared to WWF was disadvantageous to Flair. Flair will be known for his unbelievable set of marathon matches with Ricky Steamboat. He now holds his place in the No.9 spot among the best wrestlers of all time.

As of this writing, Aubrey Edwards is AEW’s only lady referee, but she’s not afraid to stand up to the boys whenever they get out of line. Although she is a talented referee and performer, she actually spent the last 10 years as a video game programmer in Seattle before signing on to AEW. Edwards credits Zelda, her favorite video game series, for inspiring her to become a programmer. In addition to programming, Edwards used to be a classically trained dancer, which she occasionally posts about on Instagram. Fans of Aubrey Edwards can catch her each week on AEW Unrestricted where she hosts alongside Tony Schiavone.

Upright wrestling was also a part of the pentathlon event in the Olympic Games, a bout being fought to a clear-cut fall of one of the wrestlers. The most famous ancient Greek wrestler was Milon of Croton, who won the wrestling championship of the Olympic Games six times. Wrestling was less popular among the Romans than it had been with the Greeks, and, with the fall of the Roman Empire, references to wrestling disappeared in Europe until about 800 ce.

It’s tough to keep winning streaks alive in today’s WWE. Except for Asuka’s incredible 914-day undefeated streak and Undertaker’s legendary streak at WrestleMania, there haven’t been too many impressive undefeated streaks to talk about in WWE, recently. Therefore, it’s impressive that Adam Cole did not take a pin in WWE for over a year. Before Keith Lee ended his run as NXT Champion, Adam Cole hadn’t lost a singles match via pinfall since winning the title at NXT Takeover XXV. Cole only suffered two DQ losses in his run as champion. Similar to Cole’s run, Becky Lynch, who wrestled her last match at WrestleMania 36, hadn’t had a loss via pinfall since losing to Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money In The Bank in May, 2019. After losing to Flair, Lynch only suffered one loss in singles matches (via disqualification). The DQ loss came against Sasha Banks at Clash of Champions 2019. Discover additional info at WWE News.

Somewhat surprisingly the Texas Rattlesnake has been crowned the winner despite the fact that he retired just three years into the decade. The Hall of Famer also spent the bulk of time before that struggling with injuries and creative storylines. Yet it is no doubt that Austin remains the biggest draw in WWE history with his run in the 90s Attitude Era against Vince McMahon rightfully retaining its place as the companies best angle of all time.