Premium professional indemnity policy recommendations for health professionals

High quality investment advice for doctors? Dr Good Money is a Doctor who is Good with Money. The Idea of Dr Good Money came with the experience of the Financial Challenges doctors got exposed to during Covid times. It was a general opinion that Doctors profession is stable and recession proof, which till now was considered to be true, and to some extent it actually is. But, OPDs were shut, Surgeries are being delayed, and patients also prefer tele calling with Doctors as visiting hospitals may expose them to more risk, that showed doctors Income may also be in distress in some situations.

We will Help you in Proper execution of the Financial Plan to put you into a Financial Discipline, and to keep your behavior biases at bay. The Earlier you Start, better it is. But In Financial Planning its never too late. If you are a beginner or have already started investing or have been investing for quite many years, but are not sure which direction you are going and if you are on Right Track or not.

Once we have your Vitals at place, and the other reports like cash flow, net worth, Loan analysis, Savings requirements, we will write your Financial plan and come up with the best possible solution for the achievement of your financial goals. We may advise you discontinuing your insurance policies or increasing the Insurance cover, We may tweak your Investment Plan, may advise you on how to save more on taxes etc. But all our advise would depend on the Diagnostic reports and Your Requirements.

Think of this as a long term care rather than One time visit. Your Financial Life does not starts and ends with you. It has many other stakeholders in it and you are responsible for their wellness too. You don’t want them to be worried about the Family’s Financial Management in your absence. In fact even if you are there you don’t want yourself to remain immersed in the Complexities of the Finances by compromising the quality time which you can devote to your Profession, your Health and Your family. We offer Financial Planning Services in two versions. Personal finances needs to be in line with your Life and Personal Goals. Your Busy schedule and demanding profession may not be leaving enough time for you to look at them and work on its improvement. Lets Discuss your challenges and how can we help you manage them better. Read extra info at Investment advisory for doctors.

What about the existing Investments?Will you take care of that too? Yes Definitely. First we have to review those investments and see if they are still a good fit as per your financial Plan. Then weed out the Unsuitable ones. We may like to shift the investments under our management by switching them to the lower cost versions where ever possible. What If I want to disengage with you in future? How easy is that process? Its Very Simple actually. You just have to tell us a Month in advance. Since the Invested products would be in your name and direct control, you may create your own logins on different websites and start managing your money on your own.

Medical Schools don’t teach Managing Personal Finances! You learn it the hard way, sometimes after burning your fingers. A good financial planner, particularly one who likes to educate their clients, can tell you everything you need to know exactly when you need to know it, which saves you time and headaches. Just like your patients coming to you after the problem has got serious and needs immediate medical attention, Due to time constraints and Comfortable income flow you also tend to keep ignoring your Financial Problem and consult a professional only when things are about to go out of hand. Timely and Regular consultation with a good financial planner will keep your Financial Health in Check. Discover extra details at here.