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VISA credit assessment advices from Hostmerchantservices? Integration: For any ecommerce business the shopping cart is the most important piece of the puzzle. So you probably aren’t willing to change the software and you want to ask the provider how will you be able to integrate with their payment gateway. Many providers will have pre-made plugin modules for the popular shopping cart applications, ask them if they have one for yours because this means you can be integrated with a click of a button. Alternatively if there’s no plugin available every provider will give you their gateway integration API guide. You’ll then need a help from a moderately skilled developer in order to integrate your website with the API. Good to know – outsourcing such job normally costs around 200-500 EUR.

It is not easy to read a customer’s mind or the unique needs of one’s customers, however, it is important to anticipate their requirements. In targeting cross-border customers, it is important to understand that some may not be familiar with the online payment system integrated on the shopping sites they venture. To them, shopping on foreign sites can be arduous especially when it does not tally with their local payment methods. As a result, many customers abandon their shopping carts when the payment methods they prefer to use are notably absent on the website.

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Merchant services go beyond payment processing. Payment processing is the backbone of merchant services, encompassing the entire process of transferring payment from buyer to seller. This includes the payment device (the POS system), the payment software, the security software that protects the transaction data the payment record, and the transaction itself. Merchant services go beyond just debit and credit card transactions.

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