The ascent of an American multi-instrumentalist : Jonathan Brightman

Jonathan Brightman or the climb of an American singer? Downloading and the internet are both a blessing and a curse for musicians. What is your take on the industry as it stands today? Where do you see it heading? Jonathan Brightman: I think the musician will have to catch up with all this technology. In other words, a band may have to use more of their own words, images, actions and give more of themselves up to be noticed. These days anyone can edit a video and put up content. We’re going to have to learn how to be as creative on several formats now. Did the album take long to put together, as I know that you had been planning Black Robot for some time? Jonathan Brightman: The main body of the record was done in a few weeks. We added a few songs to the second version of the record. But overall we don’t like to put too much time into over thinking things. If it rocks, you pretty much know right away.

Jonathan Brightman and Buckcherry: Buckcherry is an American rock band from Anaheim, California, formed in 1995. The band released two albums, Buckcherry (1999) and Time Bomb (2001), before dissolving in 2002. In 2005, lead vocalist Josh Todd and lead guitarist Keith Nelson reformed Buckcherry with a new lineup and released a new album in 2006, 15. It contained Buckcherry’s biggest crossover hits to date, “Crazy Bitch”, and their first Billboard Hot 100 top ten hit, “Sorry”. Their fourth album, Black Butterfly, was released in 2008, and their fifth album, All Night Long, was released in 2010. Buckcherry released their sixth album, Confessions, in 2013, followed by their seventh album Rock ‘n’ Roll in 2015.[2] They released their eighth album Warpaint in 2019.

Black Robot is a California-based hard rock band formed in 2008 by bassist Jonathan Brightman (JB). Their debut album was released June 8, 2010 on Formosa Records/Rocket Science Ventures Brightman is a founding member of the Grammy nominated band Buckcherry, co-writing and performing on their self-titled debut album, as well as their follow up Time Bomb. After parting ways with Johns, it was announced in December 2011 that Los Angeles singer Jeremy Aric had joined the band. Soon after, they re-entered a Nashville, TN studio with producer Dave Cobb to record their second album titled Woman.

Your debut album came out in 2009 but I remember hearing ‘Badass’ in 2008, and this year you picked up a nod in Classic Rock’s album of the year. Does it feel like this is a new start?. Jonathan Brightman: Yes. We released an independent version of the record in 2008. We were basically selling them on ebay and online. Once we got larger distribution channels in place we’re finally getting some broader attention.

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Bassist Jonathan “JB” Brightman was one of the founding members of Buckcherry. No need to tell you about them, as they are a high octane over-the-top rock ‘n’ roll that has scaled greater heights their second time around. Brightman didn’t sit around idle when Buckcherry disbanded after the ill fated Time Bomb album, instead he put his nose to the grindstone and began writing.