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Google ads for car dealers? Why Car Dealership BDC Training Is an Important Factor In Your Dealership’s Success! Business Development Centers (BDCs) are a good way to improve the process and customer satisfaction for any dealership. Many dealers build BDCs just for a short time to see them fail. In general, this is because of poor performance, incorrect hiring and the disconnect between Showroom and BDC centers. There is a large proportion of automotive business development centers out there which add no value to their customers. They will not be missed if the plug was pulled today.

Readers trust online reviews more than ever today (see our post on 4 Ways User Reviews Impact Your Search Results). That’s why a well-written, somewhat lengthy positive review is gold for any business owner. Reviews make a significant impact on local SEO, whether it be directly on a website, or listed in connection to a Google My Business listing. It’s frustrating and tedious to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, but worth it in the end. Once reviews start coming in, others are naturally encouraged to write their own.

DealersGear is built on a lead generating infrastructure and dashboard. We strive on connecting you with your customers. Partnering up with DealersGear will give you all the Insight on each and every marketing source. “Know where to spend your money”. Get the most out of the fastest, and highest converting websites in the industry. The problem with websites is that they are easily glanced over because customers don’t know how to navigate them or they get distracted from the objective. Our website platform is built based on thousands of car-shopper surveys, which were conducted to study their behavior on the web, their click actions and the time they spent on sites. We can help create an easy-to-navigate website that also has a clean and custom design created with the help of our graphic experts. Read even more details on dealership marketing.

Analyzing competitors not only helps you set competitive prices but also enables you to respond to rival marketing campaigns. Apart from this, identifying your competitors lets you communicate with your target audience, improve your business processes, and distinct your business from others. Again, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to know more about your competitors. This tool will help you identify which keywords are the most and least effective for you.

NAP Citations: As you can see from the above image, citation signals account for 13% of the ranking factors. For anyone unfamiliar with citations, they are online references of your business in relevant directories around the web. And NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. The more consistent NAP citations you have for your business, the more are the local SEO benefits. But, keep in mind that inaccurate or inconsistent citations are likely to negatively affect your local SEO. If you have done citations in the past that may seem to be inconsistent, get a citation audit done through a professional to fix the NAP variations.

DealersGear is the first all-in-one, marketing solution that was built by dealers for dealers. This solution enables dealers to manage their digital presence, manage their inventory, and manage their websites from one central command center. Our company provides products from multi media management, inventory management, intelligent Auto dealers websites, posting tools to Craigslist, Facebook, and everything else in between. See more details at https://www.dealersgear.com/.